2010-11 NBA Season to Finally Begin

Pundits said time and time again that with LeBron’s”Decision” people were talking about the NBA during the summer, heretofore something they’d never done.  Well, the season’s upon us and opening day brings us Miami at Boston, Phoenix at Portland and Houston at LA against the Lakers, the defending champs, determined to three-peat.  Wow!

The following day has Detroit at NJ, NY at Toronto, Atlanta at Memphis, Sacramento at Minnesota, Milwaukee at New Orleans and Indiana at San Antonio.  Somewhat of a letdown after Day 1.  And there are seven more months with a combination of those teams – plus squads like the Wiz, Clips, Cavs, Sixers, Charlotte and Golden State.

There are numerous ways to look at anything and we have are (at least) two options.  You, the fan, has to decide which one you like – and I’d love to find out how fans feel now, and how they feel near the end of the season:

“The glass is either half full or it’s half empty.”

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