Derrick Rose Gets It

Long-time, loyal reader Pete Vaz (soon to be inducted in the NorCal Hall of Fame) commented that he wanted to hear what his friend and mine, Clippers’ assistant Dave Severns, had to say on The Jerry Tarkanian Show on Tuesday night.  One story, in particular, shed light on the type of competitor Bulls’ guard Derrick Rose is.  (Dave worked on the Bulls’ staff during Rose’s first two years in the NBA).

Before the draft following his announcement he would leave Memphis to go pro (the Bulls held the rights to the first overall pick), Rose had an interview with Chicago’s front office, including owner Jerry Reinsdorf.  Prior to his meeting, the Bulls met with Michael Beasley, who was also coming off a banner collegiate season.  During the session with Beasley, there were a couple occasions in which (one of) his (two) cell phones went off.  Believe it or not, he answered the calls!  

New head coach Vinny Del Negro advised him that he was meeting with the owner and that, at that time, there couldn’t be too many things more important than listening to what Mr. Reinsdorf had to say and answering whatever questions the people at the meeting had of him.  When Reinsdorf posed the question, “What about college basketball bothered you most?” Beasley contemplated for a moment and said, “When you go on the road and the referees make bad calls.”

When it was Rose’s turn in front of the brass, he sat up straight and was totally focused.  He had a thorough grasp of the magnitude of the encounter.  He put his ego aside.  Consider this is a guy who won back-to-back state titles in high school and went 38-2 in his only season in college, dropping the national championship game in overtime.  His answer speaks for the kind of guy Derrick Rose is and why he’s destined for (even more) greatness.  What was his response to Reinsdorf’s question, “What about college basketball bothered you most?”


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  1. Jo Says:

    That mindset is wonderful foundation for a player to build on, and he’s got, you know, a little talent to go along. Just a little.

  2. Brooklyn Bulls Says:

    The difference? Rose’s ego fuels his drive, while Beasley’s serves to excuse himself from accountability….so glad my team chose the rose

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